Concerned about your child?

If you have any concerns relating to your child it is really important that you share your concerns with us - no problem is ever too large or too small.

You can contact us in many ways:

Classroom staff are available before school starts each day( around 8.40 is a good time) -please try to avoid 8.50 as it can be difficult to chat when all of the children are in class.

Alternatively we are all, generally, around at the end of the day. If getting into school is difficult feel free to 'phone, e-mail or write to us. We will get back to you ASAP and try to get the problem resolved.

If you have a serious concern and feel you need to see the Headteacher please feel free to contact the school office.

Concerned about an aspect of school?

If you are concerned about an aspect of our school please feel free to come and talk to us about it. We are interested in your thoughts - particularly if you have a concern.

There are a number of ways in which you can share your views: each weekly newsletter has a 'reply' section. We also have regular questionnaires and forums. You can also, simply, come into school and discuss these concerns. If you are unable to get into school feel free to phone, write or e-mail your concerns to us.

Concerned about a child at our school?

If you are concerned about a child at our school please contact us. You can talk to any member of staff.

Miss Tindeall, Mrs Gibson and Miss Calder are the designated leaders for Safeguarding. 

You can also make an anonymous referral to social care.

A copy of our referral form is available at the bottom of the Concerns page, and our safeguarding policy and anti-bullying policy are available in the Important Documents section.

School Concern Form

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