School Council

Welcome to our school council page. The school council meets regularly in school to discuss important issues. The council is comprised of 2 members of each class, one boy and one girl. Each member of the school council has to be selected by their class.

  • Class 1: Isla O’Neil, Xavier Rogers
  • Class 2: Aneurin Bryant, Olivia Kerry
  • Class 3: Annabelle Bird, Kamran Wells
  • Class 4: Zak Collingahm, Ella-Rose Shaw
  • Class 5: Aidan McCluskey, Matilda Clarke
  • Class 6: Rhianna Xavier-Eddyshaw, Damarione Thomas

The school council have been tasting possible menus for our school dinners this term and are excited to be adding a range of delicious new recipes to our school lunch menu. 

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